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Our main goal is to deliver innovations to our visitors by e-mail. Our visitors can update their information or leave the system by sending an e-mail to IVMEKA Software is extremely strict about privacy. Your recorded information will never be shared with third parties, except for official requests arising from legal cases.


This website has been prepared for promotional purposes. The information, visual and technical details in the site content can be changed without notice if necessary. The technical information provided may vary during the application phase. Downloadable software was scanned with antivirus systems. It does not contain viruses, trojans, backdoor, keyloggers. It works offline.

SOLIDGUN, which automatically exports sheet metals to flatten state; finds all sheet metals in assemblies and converts them to DXF / DWG format. Each sheet metal in assemblies is immediately found, including multiple bodies, separating each bodies and controlling manufacturing compliance. Thousands of sheet metal flat patterns are exported, sorted according to material and thickness and saved in the desired format. Extra output features like merged DXF/DWG, which all the sheets contain together, save you from time-consuming operations. SOLIDGUN performs all the calculations for sheet metal flattening details with high precision, from the automatic dimensioning to the cut-out count, before and after processing. It gives you exact results about cost and time before ordering and manufacturing. SOLIDGUN, a user-friendly software that you can run in just 3 steps, provides convenient usage with the ability to add multiple files and select configurations. Keeps your last settings in memory. The next time you run it, you just add the file and you get the result you want. SOLIDGUN is 100% compatible with all versions of SOLIDWORKS 2013 and later. - In order to calculate the properties of the sheet and check its suitability for manufacturing by SOLIDGUN, the sheets should be drawn in the "sheet module", not on the solid. - When the mirroring process is done with the properties of the sheet, all the mirrored sheets are processed. - All parts and assemblies containing sheet metal are processed after drawing in SOLIDWORKS. - Sheets transformed from solid to sheet metal are processed by SOLIDGUN as they gain the feature of sheet metal. - The unfolding of all sheets is recorded individually and also collectively in DXF / DWG formats. - SOLIDGUN reports in excel format containing the detail properties and real images of all sheets, and has the ability to customize the report.

SOLIDBOM, which reports assemblies' components together with real images and all the features, allows you to manage files quickly. Makes it easy to create advanced order lists. SOLIDBOM can quickly scan all the components in your assemblies and report only those that are the desired features with real images. The ability to add multiple files and to select configurations will generate detailed BOM reports in a short period of time. It gathers the physical and custom properties of the components and gives you immediate access to all details. Accurately calculates the information needed for your cost calculation, procurement, stock control and planning processes. SOLIDBOM, which can present all of these in one file, prevents miscalculations that may arise from human error. By showing the level of each component and the group it is connected to removes the confusion in file management. SOLIDBOX is a fully automated reporting tool that you can deploy in a few seconds with select, add and run steps. It keeps the latest settings and operations in memory, making it easy to use repeatedly. You can instantly report again when there are changes in processed assemblies. It meets all your BOM needs thanks to friendly user-interface and report customization. - SOLIDBOM is 100% compatible with all versions of SOLIDWORKS 2013 and later. - SOLIDBOM provides a detailed and customizable BOM report with real images of all components. - When you preset the excel report format you want to receive and show it to SOLIDBOM, you can detect the customizations and get results in the desired format. - You can add 5 montages to SOLIDBOM at the same time. It doesn't matter how many components are in your assemblies. - SOLIDBOM can separate your assemblies according to body type, if you want, only according to parts or only according to sub-assemblies. - SOLIDBOM can report by filtering components between certain two levels or up to a certain level. You can also report all levels if you want. - SOLIDBOM provides usage information and prevents confusion by collecting the repeatedly used components in a single line. - You just need to hide the components that you do not want to be included in the report. In this case, these components will not be included in the report and mates will not be broken because they are not disabled. - When you want to get the report of the updated assemblies again, you can get the updated report in one step by selecting the assembly from the operations history and clicking report again.